Eu· dae· mon
Combining “eu” (good) and ‘daimōn’ (spirit), Eudaemonia is a central concept in Aristotelian philosophy associated with positive virtue, excellence, and practical or ethical wisdom. Eudaemon Technologies is combining that essence with Industry 4.0 to revolutionise Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellness.
Innovation for
Human Flourishing
Eudaemon is a disruptive rapid platform product innovation engine with focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellness (SRH&W). Formed in 2019, Eudaemon has a focus to provide superior SRH&W products options to every person for every situation. We are bridging internal and partner-based next-gen capabilities in Advanced Manufacturing, Material Science, and Human Centred Design to deliver benefits to consumers, manufacturers, brands, and health agencies. Currently we are focused on platform technologies across traditional and innovative Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs). Our unique approach to vertically integrate the global value chain is positioned to disrupt the nexus of platform interventions which make up portions of a new category we term the $150B Lifetech market (encompassing the $28B contraceptive market, $13B fertility market and $100B+ STD diagnosis and treatment markets). We are building products that change lives.
Advanced Manufacturing
We develop unique equipment and processes for rapid prototyping of products through pre-clinical and initial clinical work. Currently we are integrating IOT, machine learning/AI, robotics, smart materials, and other Industry 4.0 concepts to disrupt legacy manufacturing and produce systems that are safer, cleaner, and more cost effective.
Medical Grade Materials Science
Eudaemon has exclusive access to FDA cleared materials and APIs, as well as innovative new formulations with opportunities in the SRH&W sector. Combined with extensive internal understanding, our capabilities in optimising both compounds (medicine) and delivery mechanisms (devices) allow us to produce materials for devices that offer enhancements in user desired features while increasing clinical benefits.
User Driven Design
We utilise co-design methodologies to inform design of our products and to pinpoint need by discussions with stakeholders. We are building on traditional methodology by bioneering new neuroscience and preference studies to improve on the way we actually understand how people interact with products. These methods have been designed to integrate with and clinical and regulatory processes to improve safety and effectiveness.
Project Geldom
What if we could make a condom that people couldn’t wait to try? Producing a condom that people actually want to use would revolutionise safe sex, enhance family planning, sexual health strategies (reduce the 1 million new STIs contracted every day), save healthcare agencies millions worldwide, as well as disrupt a growing $11 Billion USD market. Project Geldom is making this concept a reality by creating better feeling condoms made from innovative materials called tough hydrogels. These tissue-like materials act like rubber, the “gold standard” for condom production used for over a century, but offer superior safe sex options with enhanced feel and lubrication, no adverse odours or tastes, no allergic reactions, and unprecedented ability to customize sensual experience for you and your partner.
Latest News
Eudaemon Awarded $4m MDF Funding To Develop And Commercialise Next Generation Condom
Eudaemon Technologies has received $4m in funding from the NSW Medical Devices Fund (MDF) to continue the development and commercialisation of its next generation hydrogel condom.
Eudaemon Receives $1.5m MRFF Funding Award To Advance Next Generation Condom Project
Eudaemon Technologies have been awarded $1.5m in funding to advance the clinical trial of their next generation condom project, awarded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funding from the Australian Government’s Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) program, delivered by MTPConnect.
Beyond The Medicine Cabinet Podcast - The Technology That Has The Sex Industry Covered - Safely!
When it comes to preventing sexually transmitted infections there are limited options. And the options we do have - condoms - lack desirability, so much so that most of us avoid using them. Revolutionising the condom for the first time in over 100 years is Eudaemon Technologies. Their tech, Gel-dom, is turning a ‘need to’ into a ‘want to’ which could have a major impact on the rates of STIs and unintended pregnancies.
Our Team
Executive Chairman - BSc, BCom, MBA, GAICD, PRI
Nick is an experienced management consultant with 20 years’ experience as an Executive Chairman, Managing Director, Consulting Partner, COO and HR Director working with large enterprises (including listed entities), government, private high growth ventures, not for profits and SMEs. Nick has extensive experience in helping executive teams manage complex and high risk matters and to originate and complete value adding deals (with expertise in strategic growth and transformation, operational excellence, workplace investigations, facilitation & mediation, IP commercialisation, corporate finance and M&A) and has raised $50+ million in corporate, venture, grant and philanthropic funding. Since 2018 Nick has chaired Eudaemon and has stewarded corporate growth.
CEO - PhD, MBA, Professor
Dr Robert Gorkin is a biomedical engineer and serial entrepreneur passionate about transforming innovative Industry 4.0 concepts to reality with a focus on social good. His experience includes working on five continents with world-class institutes and companies, from international corporations to new ventures and not-for-profits. He has been directly involved in disruptive startups leading to investment, products and sales, contributed to over 100 publications (5000+ citations), and secured $10M+ worth of international grants awarded across commercial and academic positions. He has helped lead Eudaemon related projects since conceptualizing the next generation condom in 2014.
CTO - PhD, B Biotechnology (Hons)
Dr Simon Cook is a Fulbright Future Scholar, and Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology with a background in biotechnology, microbiology and entrepreneurship. After Simon was awarded his PhD in 2014 from the University of Wollongong in Molecular Microbiology and Bacterial Pathogenesis, Simon joined Eudaemon’s first project - Project Geldom building to a role as technology lead. Since 2016, Simon has managed hands-on engagement with partners and product development for Eudeamon projects. Simon recently completed a Fulbright at the Kinsey Institute in the US looking at pioneering biofeedback and neuroscience based consumer engagement.
Dr David J. Shepherd
Lead Production Engineer and Materials Specialist, PhD, BSc (Chem) Hons
David graduated with a PhD from the University of Wollongong in 2021 working as part of the Bionic Artificial Muscles research group - the original materials experts from which the Geldom condom concept originated. With an extensive background working with hydrogel-based polymer formulations and devices, David transitioned to Eudaemon full time via an APRIntern at IDE Group. David has extensive experience in the preparation and processing of Eudaemon materials, and leads interaction with product development, ISO 13485 QMS, documentation and risk management.
Esther Ong
Research and Administration Assistant
Esther is a chemistry analyst with extensive experience in research and environmental analysis. Her experience in multiple different laboratory environments has provided her with valuable insight into commercial, analytical, government licenced, research and teaching laboratories. She has joined Eudaemon with a keen interest in the company’s goals and values.
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